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Personal Data Policy

Lantzerath-Group and all Lantzerath-Group companies worldwide ("Lantzerath-Group") will observe the provisions of the Privacy Policy posted on this Lantzerath-Group website (www.Lantzerath-Group.com) – the "Site" – in dealing with any personal data or information submitted by you via this Site ("Personal Information").

Your Personal Information may be transferred across international borders (including but not limited to transfers from those locations back to the country of your registration) and stored in the relevant Lantzerath-Group database which may be located outside of your country of registration, in Switzerland, or in any of the countries where Lantzerath-Group operates (including but not limited to the countries within the European Union) as listed in the Locations section of this Site.

Your Personal Information will assist Lantzerath-Group in its efforts to further improve products and services. Without such data Lantzerath-Group may be unable to provide certain services. Lantzerath-Group may share Personal Information only with selected third parties to provide, promote or co-promote Lantzerath-Group or Lantzerath-Group related products or services. You accept that other Lantzerath-Group group companies worldwide and other subcontractors, partners or agents ("the Service Providers"), who may be located within or outside of the countries where Lantzerath-Group operates and are responsible for performing Lantzerath-Group related services will have access to your Personal Information that is needed for providing the service in question. The Service Providers have accepted the appropriate confidentiality obligations when dealing with your Personal Information.

Subject to Paragraphs 2 and 3 above, Lantzerath-Group will not monitor, edit, or disclose any Personal Information posted on the Site by you, unless it is necessary in compliance with a legal requirement of a government agency or where disclosure is required by operation of law or when it is necessary to protect and defend the rights of Lantzerath-Group; to protect your personal safety or that of other user of this Lantzerath-Group website, Lantzerath-Group customers or the safety of the public. You hereby authorise Lantzerath-Group to disclose any Personal Information to law enforcement or other government officials as Lantzerath-Group, in its sole discretion, believes necessary or appropriate or as required by such authorities.

On your request to Lantzerath-Group, your Personal Information stored with Lantzerath-Group will be provided, corrected, amended or deleted (as required by law). Lantzerath-Group's treatment of Personal Information will accord with the above conditions and any applicable laws. Children under the age of 16 must obtain parental or guardian consent before providing any Personal Information. For inquiries about your Personal Information -       Imprint      .